Karl Rove to GOP: No ‘Score -Settling’ With Obama After Midterm Wins

In a new op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Republican strategist Karl Rove warns the GOP that should they make big gains in the November midterm elections, they should focus on passing legislation rather than “score-settling” with President Barack Obama.

Rove writes that he anticipates Obama to reject bills sent to him from a Republican Congress but that Obama ” deserves the chance to show he’s matured as a leader and has the energy to govern.”

From the op-ed:

Mr. Obama is not the only person who must decide how to proceed. Whatever path the president chooses, Republicans must settle on a course, too. They should understand that, while it is insane to assume good faith from Mr. Obama, they should not make score-settling with the administration their priority.

Voters want Republicans to restrain Mr. Obama from further bad actions and oversee, and in some cases investigate, misdeeds and gross mismanagement. Even more, however, they want Republicans to tackle the problems facing Americans, especially middle-class Americans. This means the GOP should start with measures to strengthen the economy and help job creation.

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