Kate McKinnon Plays Trump Mgr. Kellyanne Conway Who Can Never, Ever Catch a Break

capture_720A Saturday Night Live digital sketch tonight called “A Day Off” starred Kate McKinnon as Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

The escalating bit? Conway can never catch personal time for herself because of all the insane sh*t that her boss spouts off, forcing her to justify more and more insanity to Jake Tapper each beat.

Beck Bennett played Jake Tapper in the sketch, and $20 to anyone out there who predicted that McKinnon would get to play both Clinton and Conway for the 2016 race.

After one inane explanation to Tapper, Conway simply asks, “We good?” before moving on. And just as life becomes normal for a moment…

–that phone buzzes again.

Watch above from NBC.

[image via screengrab]

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