Katy Perry Releases Song For Olympics As If Rio Isn’t in Total Shambles

The Rio Olympics is probably going to be insane. Team USA’s horrible uniforms are the least of our worries. No one is going to the events and Brazilians are furious that the games are going on, maybe because a dead body washed up on a volleyball court or maybe because of the prevalence of the Zika virus. Even the cops are capital-O Over it.

Katy Perry doesn’t care! She’s not over it! She’s so pumped about the Olympics! Listen to the song she wrote about them!

The song is catchy. It’s the sort of pop song that revitalizes a summer in mid-July and gives a push for revelers to keep cruising toward fall. The video is nice. Sure. Whatever.

None of that makes up for the fact that everyone involved in these Olympics is blindly pretending that nothing is going on over there.

We’ll see.

[image via screengrab]

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