Keep The Joke Alive! Stephen Colbert Continues Jon Kyl Ridicule Via Twitter

Last night, Stephen Colbert had a ton of fun destroying the comment from Sen. Jon Kyl’s spokesperson that the Senator’s claim about Planned Parenthood (“90% of its services are abortions”) was “not intended to be a factual statement.” He had so much fun that he’s continued the joke over onto Twitter. Clearly, Colbert feels very, very strongly about this. Either that or the Report writers had so many left over Kyl Statements that they had to put them somewhere.

Here’s the hours-long running joke:

Whether or not this was just a leftover joke dumping ground (can you imagine how much fun they had in the Writer’s Room making these?), things like this could hurt Kyl even more than jokes on the TV. With a TV segment, there may be more people watching, but the audience can’t join in. Already, Colbert’s fans are having a ball using the “#NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement” hashtag. After all, it’s an easy game to play. And once people see their friends playing, they’re bound to participate or, even worse, look up the gaffe that started it all.

It may be a silly joke, but we all know how bad Internet jokes can be for politicians. Hopefully, for Kyl, the whole thing will blow over. Until then, he can keep his mind off of it by polishing his Nazi memorabilia collection.

…um, that last sentence? Yeah, you know.

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