Keith Olbermann: ‘Fox News is 100% Bullsh*t’

Perhaps it is no secret that Countdown host Keith Olbermann is not a fan of Fox News, but his blunt Twitter declaration that “Fox News is 100% bullshit” is worth noting, if for no other reason than that it is sure to draw some kind of response from its target. Responding to a dissonant comparison of Fox News to liberal blog Daily Kos, Olbermann doubled down on the sentiment moments later, clarifying the context of his remark, adding “and it is.”

Apparently, Coundtdown fill-in host Chris Hayes didn’t get that memo, though, as he joined Rachel Maddow last week in crediting Shep Smith (along with Jon Stewart) with helping to get the 9/11 First Responders bill passed.

While Olbermann himself would probably cop to that 100% figure being hyperbole, he would probably point to a recent study that showed that Fox News viewers were much more likely to have been misinformed during the 2010 midterms, or the recent revelations of internal Fox News memos that seem to suggest an attempt by managing editor Bill Sammon to slant the news. Let the record reflect, though, that his own show refuted that 100% figure last week:


Olbermann, himself, is far from perfect, given his very recent refusals to admit when he’s wrong, or even to answer a question, and his burgeoning propensity for Twitter flame wars.

In the end, though, even these traits will likely benefit Olbermann, who belongs to a political tribe that often trips itself up with nuance. Nowhere was this more evident than in the initial debate over “Death Panels,” which saw people like frequent Countdown guest Eugene Robinson giving the notion a more-than-fair hearing, when a declaration of “100% bullshit” was really called for. Sometimes, you just want someone who hits hard, and leaves it to others to tell you what’s on the other hand.

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