Kellyanne Conway: Critics Owe Trump an Apology for Misrepresenting His ‘Animals’ Comments

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway is demanding an apology from everyone who she believes misrepresented President Donald Trump‘s latest illegal immigration remarks in order to accuse him of xenophobic racism.

Trump held a roundtable discussion at the White House yesterday where he criticized California over its “sanctuary city” laws. As the president went into his usual rhetoric about illegal immigrants running amok in the U.S., he eventually went off and referred to MS-13 gang members and other criminal aliens as “animals.”

When Trump’s comments reached the airwaves, certain media figures seemed to take his remarks out of context while highlighting certain vague aspects of the words he used. The result was a lot of Trump critics took his “animals” comment to mean he dehumanizing all undocumented immigrants.

CNN’s Jake Tapper got on Twitter to highlight portions of the conversation that put Trump’s remarks into full context. Conway highlighted Tapper’s tweet and said the people who misrepresented Trump must apologize.

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