Kellyanne Conway Weighs In: ‘CNN Has Had a Very Bad Couple of Weeks’


President Donald Trump has been laser focused of late on portraying CNN as perhaps his biggest foe, culminating in him recently tweeting out a video of him clotheslining the network. Meanwhile, Fox News has devoted quite a bit of attention on recent controversies hitting their rival, specifically the retraction of a story that led to the resignations of three journalists.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be too surprising that when White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on MediaBuzz for an interview, the conversation immediately steered to CNN.

Asked by host Howard Kurtz about the “hand-wringing” from the press when Trump attacked CNN and NBC while in Poland last week, Conway stated that Trump just wants to be treated fairly by the press. She added that “the media spends too much time talking about themselves and covering the issues they want the American public to focus on.”

Kurtz then noted that CNN’s Jim Acosta criticized Trump’s presser in Poland when he called upon a friendly reporter, calling it a “fake news conference.” Conway responded by highlighting the issues the network has been forced to deal with lately.

“That’s unfair,” she exclaimed. “CNN has had a very bad couple of weeks. By any objective standard that would be true.”

Later on in the discussion, reacting to CNN President Jeff Zucker claiming Trump was trying to bully them, she brought up the CNN reporters losing their jobs and said that hatred of Trump makes responsible journalists suspend objective standards.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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