Ken Cuccinelli’s Facebook Post Requesting Supporter Feedback Got Quite The Pro-Sodomite Response

Ken Cuccinelli, the conservative candidate currently locked in a tight race with Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor, recently attempted to use social media to bolster his supporter database, asking if those who had been to his website would “add your name to our endorsement map?”

But thanks to “the Cooch’s” well-publicized efforts to outlaw sodomy—and, judging from the comments, an overzealous use of supporters’ phone numbers during prime time—he didn’t get quite the response he was looking for:

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This appears to be something of a recurring problem on Cuccinelli’s Facebook page:

The best is an essay-length comment, entirely in French, that ends with the hope that the “very bold world” makes Cuccinelli pay. It was the world’s very bold parts that got Cuccinelli into this mess in the first place.

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