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Kentucky Prosecutor: Being Hispanic ‘Probable Cause’ For Being Pulled Over

A court prosecutor in Kentucky is in hot water after being caught on tape admitting that the ethnicity of a young Hispanic was “probably cause” to being pulled over. A courtroom video was made public by the The Courier-Journal.

The Bluegrass State may not be known for its diversity, but as Mauro Martinez appeared in court for receiving a speeding ticket, Oldham Country prosecutor John K. Carter can be heard very clearly expressing his true thoughts on the subject. After the defense claims that Martinez was stopped “because he was Hispanic”, Carter can be heard saying “That’s probable cause”.

Martinez’s attorneys — and even Judge Diana Wheeler — immediately remark “I’m going to act like I didn’t hear that”. Although Carter attempted to backtrack from his sentiments arguing that he was not referring to the defendant’s race, the defense continued, “Clearly he had an opportunity to clear that up on the record over 24 hours ago, but now there’s buzz about it. My reaction and the Judge’s reaction speaks for itself.”

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