Kevin Spacey Stops Performance to Snap at Audience Cell Phone Ringing

This much is clear: You really don’t want to push Kevin Spacey, Frank Underwood or in real life.

During a one-man performance of Clarence Darrow at the Old Vic Theatre in London, Spacey took the time to berate an audience member whose cell phone had gone off during a key scene.

The Independent reports:

Spacey was acting out a scene in which Darrow makes a passionate plea for his innocence – when a ringing phone interrupted him.

The music got louder and louder as the guilty party tried to look innocent.

Keeping in character, Spacey finally snapped and said: “If you don’t answer that, I will!”

The audience then gave him a round of applause.

Kevin Spacey, meet the National Review’s Kevin Williamson. He knows a thing or two about cellular devices ringing in the the-ay-ter.

[h/t Uproxx]
[Image via Netflix/House of Cards]

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