‘Kids Don’t Ask For the Job’: Jedediah Bila Defends Barron Trump Against SNL Writer’s Joke

The kerfuffle about Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich‘s joke about 10-year-old Barron Trump is far from over. She deleted her tweet and had been suspended from the show, but is still being talked about enough that she got her own segment on The View today.

Whoopi Goldberg told viewers that they wouldn’t be seeing the tweet in question, then asked, “Should children always be off-limits? SNL has used the children of presidents in sketches before.”

Jedediah Bila responded that children should be off-limits because “kids don’t ask for the job; they don’t sign up for the job.”

“You’re holding a comedy writer accountable and the President of the United States says much worse things and he becomes the President!” pointed out Joy Behar.

“But why punish the kid for that?” countered Goldberg. “It’s not the kid’s fault that his dad is a, you know, whatever.”

Behar reminded people that though Rich’s joke had a violent implication, so, too, did Donald Trump‘s “second amendment people” quip from August.

Sara Haines quickly interjected, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“How about ten wrongs don’t make a right?” asked Behar.

Watch above.

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