Kimmel Debuts Donald Trump and Billy Bush’s Brand New Bus-Themed Travel Show

We all remember where we were when we heard that infamous leaked Access Hollywood tape during the campaign, the one that made so many people wonder: will this be the thing that finally brings him down?

Of course, 304 electoral votes later we know our answer, but that doesn’t diminish the tough onslaught of headlines that GOP nominee Donald Trump faced when the clip resurfaced. His team largely eschewed public appearances for several days, and he was forced to issue a rare apology. And although the great Grab ‘Em debacle may now just be a footnote in campaign history, Jimmy Kimmel resurfaced the story for a segment Wednesday night.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host “debuted” the launch of the new travel show from Trump and former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that sees the salty duo traversing the nation by — how else? — bus. “[They’re] reunited for more classic comedy!” touts the narrator.

“Holy cow! Did you see the legs on that one?! Hubba hubba, am I right Donald?” exclaims Bush.

The bit’s version of Trump replies, “Love legs! Love legs! love to kiss them, love to touch them. Love legs.”

Two men, one bus, and thousands of hours of locker room talk. For my money though, I for one would love to see a reimagined version of The Odd Couple starring Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta. Watch above via ABC.

[image via ABC screengrab]

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