Krugman: What’s with All the Billionaires ‘Whining’ over Criticism?

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman thinks it’s very silly for billionaires to be “whining” every time people criticize them, especially to be comparing critics to Nazis, and most especially it’s unfitting of people with so much power and influence. Krugman recently wrote about one such example (the co-founder of Home Depot comparing critics to rhetoric in the Nazi regime), and talked more about it in an interview with Bill Moyers this week.

Krugman was discussing the new book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a surprise best-seller from Thomas Piketty, and income inequality around the world. Krugman admitted it’s puzzling how there is such “harshness” around that debate, especially from the people who feel like they’re being oppressed by people just speaking out against a widening income inequality gap.

“We’ve had a parade of billionaires whining about the incredible injustice that people are actually criticizing them, and then comparing anyone who criticizes them to the Nazis. It’s almost a tic that they have. This is very strange and it’s kind of scary.”

In addition to the founder of Home Depot, venture capitalist Tom Perkins recently compared America’s rich to oppressed Jews in Nazi Germany.

Watch the video below, via Moyers & Company:

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