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Larry King Laments the Demise of Talk Radio, ‘Crazies’ Like Limbaugh

It’s been a long time since Larry King was doing talk radio and a whole has changed in the media since he began his career as a broadcaster in Miami. During an interview with comedian Marc Maron on the WTF podcast that was released Monday, King spoke out about how unhappy he is with the current state of talk radio, a form he takes credit for pioneering with his early interview shows.

“I was the beginning of talk radio,” King said, emphasizing that he was first national talk show host. Asked by Maron is he likes what the media has “evolved into” King said “No, because it became a soap box for screaming, yelling idiots.”

“A lot of what I hear is pop nonsense, political crazies,” he continued. “NPR is good radio, but the Limbaughs, these guys are just playing with a loose deck. And a lot of it’s an act.”

King also explained how he first ended up on CNN. He had interviewed Ted Turner a few times and the CNN founder liked what he saw, so he offered King a job to start on the network’s five year anniversary. “I didn’t know what CNN was. I didn’t have it in my home,” King said. “But it sure took off.”

Listen to audio below, via WTF:

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