Laura Ingraham Calls for Rod Rosenstein’s Firing Over NYT Report: ‘He Needs To Go. Today’


According to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, there’s only one way for President Donald Trump to move forward from the new report out on Rod Rosenstein: immediate termination for the deputy attorney general.

As you can see, Ingraham has clearly taken notice of the report from New York Times that just reignited the news cycle for the day. The report indicates that Rosenstein not only spoke of secretly recording Trump after the firing of James Comey, he also floated the idea of having the cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment to have the president removed from office.

Rosenstein has issued a denial of the Times‘ report, but its quite clear Ingraham doesn’t believe him.

In terms of the reaction from the rest of Trump-world: its a mix of disbelief for the the Times, and echoes of Ingraham’s call to have Rosenstein fired.

UPDATE –– 9:55 am ET: Ingraham’s tweets have now been taken down.

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