Laurel vs. Yanny 2.0: Debate Rages Over Whether a Beloved Sesame Street Character Dropped the F-Bomb


Like the infamous Laurel vs. Yanny debate — which tore the Internet apart for several days in May (seriously, that was from May) — another clip has come along to divide us into two distinct camps, and get us mashing the repeat button dozens of times in a maddening effort to identify a bit of sound.

This brief video made the rounds Thursday first on Reddit, and then throughout social media. It features iconic Sesame Street character Grover uttering a line which some people believe contains a profanity.

According to people in one camp, Grover said, “That’s a fuckin’ excellent idea,”

On the other side, people who are hearing the clip correctly differently believe that Grover said, “That sounds like an excellent idea.”

Go ahead. Hit that repeat button. Hit it again, and again, and again. Kind of maddening.

In the Laurel-Yanny brouhaha, many people on both sides were unable to fathom people hearing the clip the other way. Here, the consensus seems to be that this soundbite differs somewhat. Both camps can kinda, sorta hear it the other way. But ultimately, each side appears to be dug in and convinced they are right.

Here’s a sampling of the opinions on the Internet’s latest time-waster:

Watch above.

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