Lawrence Lessig Calls Out Dems for Changing the Rules in Announcing Withdrawal from Race


Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard professor and internet policy activist, has been running a long-shot presidential campaign for almost two months (though you may not have heard of him), but he put up a video on his YouTube account today announcing he’s dropping out.

While Lessig has neither been part of the Democratic debate nor gained any real national traction, the professor has been running a crowdfunded campaign and literally promised to pass one law before resigning.

Back in August, Lessig said that his only goals inside the White House would be to pass campaign finance reform, end gerrymandering, and expand voting rights, and that he would leave office as soon as that was done.

In his video, Lessig conceded that he was not very well known, and that it would be extremely unlikely that he could change that unless he was part of the Democratic debate. “Unless we can time travel,” he said, “there is no way that I will qualify.”

Lessig blamed the party for changing the rules on him, saying he would have qualified for under the old rules since he was polling at 1% in two polls, but that the new qualifications demanded three, meaning there was no way he’d be getting in.

“It is now clear that the party won’t let me be a candidate, and I can’t ask people to support a campaign I know can’t even get before members of the Democratic party,” Lessig said. He continued to say that his new goal would be to “turn to the question of how best to press for this reform now.”

You can watch Lessig’s announcement in the video above.

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