Leaked Wikileaks Chats Show Strong Anti-Hillary Messages: She’s a ‘Sadistic Sociopath’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was a major part of the 2016 presidential election, with the organization releasing gobs of internal emails related to Hillary Clinton, even facing accusations that they did so at the behest of the Russian government.

Since then, folks have wondered why WikiLeaks stuck to Clinton and the DNC and did not turn their all-seeing eye to the GOP and President Donald Trump. 

Well, we may now have our answer.

According to leaked Twitter chat transcripts, as uncovered by The Intercept, Assange strongly favored the GOP over the Democrats, calling candidate Clinton “a bright, well connected, sadistic sociopath” and once joking “perhaps Hillary will have a stroke.”

The chats indicate that Assange believed a Trump win would help reign in America’s propensity toward initiating foreign conflicts.

“We believe it would be much better for the GOP to win,” he wrote. “Hillary has greater freedom to start wars than the GOP and has the will to do so.”

Assange passionately decried the notion of Clinton in the “White House with her bloodlust and ambitions of empire with hawkish liberal-interventionist appointees like [Anne-Marie] Slaughter and digital expansionists such as Google integrated into the power structure.”

The WikiLeaks founder also got into it regarding Trump’s long-time friend, and fellow provocateur, Roger Stone. In the final months of the campaign, Stone began taking credit for arranging the leaks, much to Assange’s chagrin.

“Stone is a bullshitter,” Assange wrote, responding to a message alerting him that WikiLeaks’ official tweet denying Stone’s involvement was directed at Mediaite, and therefore the majority of Twitter users may have missed it.

The chat logs found Assange often encouraging participants to create fake Twitter accounts in order to coax information out of unknowing dupes.

“You could just change the name of your account and the icon to a pretty blonde,” he wrote. “Pick a dead actress if you want plausible deniability.”

The logs also allege a fair amount of anti-semitic sentiment, with Assange often urging readers to “troll” Associated Press journalist Raphael Satter, calling him a “rat” and referring to him with parentheses around his name, a neo-Nazi meme which identifies Jews online by surrounding their names with three brackets.

This is not the first time Assange and WikiLeaks have been suggested to have favored Trump. Back in November, it was revealed that Assange and Donald Trump Jr. had been secretly corresponding for ten months, with some messages touching on campaign strategy and mutual dislike of Clinton.

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