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‘Legislative Vietnam’: CNN Panel Not Confident About GOP Healthcare Plan

On New Day Friday, there was unanimous agreement that the American Health Care Act was in trouble and that the consequences of failure could be far-reaching.

“The truth is everyone really loses,” said RealClearPolitics Associate Editor, A. B. Stoddard, adding that if healthcare went down, other priorities would be imperiled. “How do they get through the debt ceiling debate? How do they get through tax reform? Tax reform is going to be a room full of sacred cows and there’s going to be no bill.”

Co-host Chris Cuomo then suggested that, given all the tough compromises, a victory could be worse than a defeat. It was something CNN Senior Political Analyst Ronald Brownstein, vigorously agreed with.

“This is the classic legislative Vietnam, where you’re fighting just to prove your credibility rather than having a clear idea of what the ultimate goal is,” he said. “The price of getting this bill out of the House, if they do survive by a vote or two, has been to revise it in a way that makes it extremely unlikely, virtually impossible, for it to pass the Senate in anything like its current form.”

After Speaker Paul Ryan canceled a floor vote on the bill Thursday, President Trump warned that if it was not passed Friday, he would move on to other priorities.

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