LePage Calls Trump’s Election Results Answer a ‘Stupid Comment,’ Tells Him To ‘Get Over Yourself’

paul-lepage-maineeditedIn a conversation on a Maine radio show today, Maine Governor Paul LePage, a fervent Donald Trump supporter, said the GOP presidential nominee made a “stupid move” when he told debate moderator Chris Wallace that he’d hold the country in suspense on whether he’d accept next month’s election results.

“I think that’s an absolute stupid move,” LePage told the radio host when asked about Trump’s debate answer.

“Donald, take your licks and move on four years,” the guv continued.

After the host asked him if he thought it was a mistake for Trump to say the election is rigged, LePage gave the following response:

“Not accepting the results, I think, is a stupid comment. I mean, come on, get over yourself!”

Now, LePage still endorsed much of what Trump has been saying about a rigged system, stating that Hillary Clinton has the “inside Beltway people and the media” helping her, so it is nearly impossible for the real estate mogul to win.

Meanwhile, Trump said today that he’d accept the election results — if he wins.

Check out audio of the interview above, via BuzzFeed.

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