Lesbian Couple Takes Defiant Selfie with Anti-Gay Russian Politician


When a Russian woman who goes by the name Kseniya Infinity released that she and her partner were seated one row in front of one of Russia’s most notorious anti-gay politicians, Vitaly Milonov, on a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg this week, they decided to best thing they could do would be to take a kissing selfie with him in the background and post it on Instagram:

Кто там на заднем фоне??? МИЛОНОВ! а нам похер! Мы летим в любимый клуб "Инфинити"

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Mother Jones translated the caption as: “Who’s that behind us??? MILONOV! And we don’t give a shit! We’re flying to our favorite nightclub, ‘Infinity.'”

Later, Ksenia, who is part-owner of the lesbian nightclub Infinity, elaborated on the photos context via her VKontakte social media page (translated by Meduza):

Lots of people are asking me about my last post: did we really go and kiss in front of Milonov? Was it really Milonov? Maybe it was just somebody who looked like him? What was the flight like? and so on. Here are my answers: Yes it was really Milonov! As fate would have it, he was sitting in the row right behind us. The whole flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Milonov said nothing to us. We staged the photoshoot in front of him, and he hid behind his tablet, when he realized. We’re all super happy. Him—probably not so much. But who cares!

In response, Milonov, who has been credited with introducing laws that ban “gay propaganda” in Russia, said in a statement to Agence-France Presse, “The lesbians went through with this photo session due to their stupidity. It shows that all LGBT people are mentally ill. They have overdosed on so-called European values.”

So now that’s settled.

[Photo via Instagram/screengrab]

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