Let It Go: Donald Trump Uses Frozen Sticker Books to Argue His Tweet Wasn’t Anti-Semitic

Donald Trump is either trolling us all or he is engaging in willful ignorance.

Just look at this:

Okay, let’s patiently walk through this one by one:

1. Yes, six-pointed stars can be used in non-anti-Semitic contexts, but the covers of those Frozen sticker books never appeared on Neo-Nazi websites.

2. There is no 2 because the first one seems like a PRETTY IMPORTANT POINT.

Trump has refused to acknowledge that his image came from a Twitter user who also tweeted a Hillary Clinton swastika collage, and that it ended up on a Neo-Nazi message board.

When a six-pointed star is used in that context, that is anti-Semitism. When it is used on a children’s sticker book, it is not. This is simple logical thinking.

Just let it go already, man.

UPDATE –– 9:53 pm EST: Oh, hey, Clinton can actually tell a funny joke every once in a while:

[image via screengrab]

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