Lewandowski: If Mitt Romney Runs, ‘Say Goodbye to the 2nd Amendment’

CoreySpeaking to Chris Wallace Sunday afternoon, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski asserted that a potential third-party conservative run would deliver the White House to Hillary Clinton.

If that happened, he said, “say goodbye to the Second Amendment.”

Wallace asked Lewandowski to respond to rumblings about a presential run from an independent challenger, potentially Mitt Romney. Despite reports that Romney was taking a step back from any efforts to draft an independent candidate, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who has been leading the charge for independent conservative candidate, said that the 2012 Republican nominee was still considering it.

Lewandowski said that if an independent candidate ran, it would spell certain victory for the Democrats, which would mean “four or five potential U.S. Justices that Hillary Clinton would have the chance to appoint. If she does that, you can say goodbye to the Second Amendment, amongst other things. You can say goodbye to your rights.”

The choice between Trump and Clinton, he said, was “binary.”

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