Liberal Bias? Conservative TV Pundits Rule Power Grid

Conservative Power GridIf you’ve paid any attention to our coverage of nightly television ratings, you know that Fox News Channel is more than running the show, sometimes beating all of its competitors combined. But this cable news hegemony goes beyond ratings, as the top five ranked TV pundits on our Power Grid stand firmly on the right of the political spectrum, while the top four call Fox home. The fifth slot, meanwhile, is held by Pat Buchanan, another long-time fixture of the conservative movement currently at MSNBC.

Former political players-cum-pundits Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove occupy the top two spots, followed by arguably the most influential females in Republican talking head royalty, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter. The conservative domination of the Grid insinuates a well-rounded pundit base, not only commanding the most TV airtime but maintaining a ubiquitous presence online as Gringrich rules the Twitter pack, while Malkin and Coulter monopolize blog buzz on their personal websites.

At one time or another, each of these powerful pundits have complained about a “liberal bias” in the media (or the “elite media,” as it were), but when you combine Fox News’ continued reign and the quantifiable influence of these media figures, some might be lead to wonder, “What Liberal Media?”

As the ever-contentious health care debate rages on, though Democrats are ostensibly running the show, using these metrics it’d be tough to argue that conservatives aren’t steering the conversation.

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