Liberal Group Starts Indiegogo Crowd-Funding Campaign To Outbid Koch Brothers For Tribune Papers

In an attempt to make sure neither the Koch brothers nor Rupert Murdoch obtain ownership of the Tribune Company and its major assets like the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, a liberal group has started a crowd-funding campaign to raise enough money to outbid both potential buyers and, in their belief, “take back the media.”

“The only people who are bidding on [the Tribune Company] right now are infamous right-wing Billionaires,” the campaign says, “who are likely to pay something around a $660 Million pricetag to control a big slice of trusted news media.”

“Help prevent the Foxification of news in America,” pleads The Other 98% with accompanying images of Fox News owner Murdoch. Billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch are described by the group as “the notorious funders of climate science denial and Tea Party thinktanks/media.”

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Both must be “stopped,” the nonprofit implores. And so their idea: “If a community-based NFL team can work, then why not a newspaper?” Inspired by the Green Bay Packers’ method of communal ownership, The Other 98% believes raising the $660,000,000 to buy the newspapers, via crowd-funding site Indiegogo, would “free the press.”

“Some might say we’re tilting at corporate windmills – but someone’s got to do it,” the campaign concludes. “We need to get the conversation on media ownership started.”

Watch their crowd-funding video below:

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