Limbaugh: Advancing ‘Leftist Agenda’ More Important to Media Than Keeping Obama Honest

The media coverage of President Obama has turned decidedly more negative this year, due to practically everything from the NSA to the awful Obamacare rollout. But as far as Rush Limbaugh‘s concerned, it’s too little, too late, because he believed if the media had done its job in the first place instead of “advancing the liberal agenda,” the country wouldn’t be at this point in the first place.

Limbaugh claimed, “If this kind of media honesty had been going on the past five years, I’m telling you today, he would not have been reelected.”

But that was never going to happen, Limbaugh argued, because “advancing the leftist agenda, no matter how, is all that mattered, and they’ve done it.”

He said the media just doesn’t understand how the things Obama does anger the country, including the “lie” he’s been pushing for years on Obamacare.

And Limbaugh found it amusing, to say the least, that the media is still acting in the role of Obama apologists.

“You sit there still inside the beltway saying, ‘Eh, there’s not one thing that we can figure out to explain why Obama’s likability is falling!’ I bet you can’t, ’cause you’ve worked so far to keep it up. You’re wondering why, all of a sudden, people are not paying attention to you. It’s ’cause they can see, finally, the truth.”

Listen to the audio below, via WABC:

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