Limbaugh: Dems Can ‘Attack Palin’s Whole Family,’ But GOP Won’t Dare Target Hillary

Rush Limbaugh wants Republicans to grow a spine. He explained Monday that the GOP establishment has, for years, seen no benefit in going after President Obama, and they’re now warning against being too rough on Hillary Clinton in light of a possible 2016 run. Meanwhile, Limbaugh said, Democrats say whatever they like about Sarah Palin and get away with all of it.

He pointed out the GOP kid-gloves approach may have seriously hurt Mitt Romney in 2012, and now establishment types like Karl Rove have warned against making issues out of Monica Lewinsky to hit Hillary Clinton with.

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Limbaugh couldn’t help but see quite the double standard there.

“They can attack Palin’s whole family. They can make movies and talk about how the Republicans were so scared of her lack of intelligence, they wouldn’t even vote for her. They can do all that. Can’t attack the Clintons. Can’t attack Obama, and can’t now attack the Clintons.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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