Limbaugh Doubles Down on Colbert: CBS Has ‘Chosen to Write Off a Portion of the Country’

Rush Limbaugh went after the media Monday for what he described as outrage over his comments about Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman. Limbaugh said CBS “declared war on the heartland of America” with the decision, and today he went after the media for sending him the message of “You conform or you are an enemy of the state.”

Limbaugh charged that by not agreeing with CBS’ pick, the media “robots” decided to circle the wagons and decree he’s failed a cultural litmus test. And so he doubled down on his initial remarks on what he thinks Colbert’s hiring means for CBS.

“It clearly indicates that the people making this decision have chosen to write off a portion of the country, that they don’t care if a portion of the country watches or not.”

Limbaugh brought up a joke Colbert did at his expense two years ago and mockingly asked, “I’m supposed to praise that? I’m supposed to be bigger than that?”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

[h/t Daily Rushbo]
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