Limbaugh Fires Back at the Pope’s Criticism of ‘Ultraconservatives’

Rush Limbaugh opened his show on Monday taking on Pope Francis‘s response to criticism from him and others of the “pure Marxism” preached by His Holiness. But what bothered Limbaugh far more was how liberals who normally hate and despise the Catholic Church are suddenly embracing its leader just because they hate Limbaugh so much.

Because, after all, while Pope Francis has been rather forthcoming about his views on excessive capitalism and has spoken of easing the tone in which the Church speaks of social issues, he personally opposes gay marriage and abortion. But liberals have still embraced him, and Limbaugh asked, “How can they come out and continue to bash the Catholic Church now?”

He pointed out that contrasted with the “unabated hatred” liberals normally have for the Catholic Church, the media is now “just beside themselves” to gin up a spat between the Pope and American conservatives.

As for what the Pope himself said, Limbaugh admitted he doesn’t quite understand why Pope Francis would have responded as he did. He said, “This Pope is clearly a populist,” and for whatever reason, “by virtue of his own words, he does not want to be thought of as a Marxist.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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