Limbaugh: GOP Should Do All Debates On ‘Your Own Network… With Your Own Moderators’

Rush Limbaugh thinks the Republican party’s not going far enough in its threat to not do any debates on CNN or NBC over their Hillary Clinton projects; he said the GOP should tell them, “We’re not going to show up at any debates you moderate, period!” and host their own debates with their own people on their own network.

Limbaugh asked, “What business do [Republicans] have going on what are now undeniable left-wing agenda news networks?” He claimed that anytime any Republican dares venture on a channel besides Fox News, they end up “going against the Democrat party,” citing a contraception question brought up during one of the 2012 Republican debates.

Limbaugh gave this advice to the RNC.

“Do ’em on your own network! Put on your own debates with your own moderators, whoever you want, and focus on real Republican issues in these debates!”

Listen to the audio below, via WABC:


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