Limbaugh: If Left Thinks Obama Will Lose, They’ll ‘Throw Him Overboard’ To ‘Save The Ideology’

Rush Limbaugh reacted to the reactions to President Barack Obama‘s Democratic National Convention speech today, taking particular note of those in the media who didn’t find the speech to be spectacular. Obama and those on the left have a fair-weather friendship, Limbaugh said — and if they feel Obama’s going to lose, they’ll “throw him overboard” to save their ideology.

Limbaugh began by running through some clips of reactions, including a recurring comment that the president’s speech simply didn’t live up to Bill Clinton‘s speech. And that it didn’t contain the kind of “soaring rhetoric” that so characterized his previous convention speeches. “It wasn’t just me thinking this thing was a bomb,” Limbaugh remarked. “People on the left thought so, too.” Even Charlie Rose and David Brooks!

About Rose, Limbaugh noted that while Rose “can’t wait” to vote for Obama, he “admits on his own TV show that he doesn’t have the slightest idea who the guy is.”

What those in the media and on the left are doing, Limbaugh argued, is “preparing, if necessary, to throw Obama overboard in order to save the ideology.”

“If they think Obama is going to lose,” he said, “if they ever reach that conclusion before the election, then time to circle the wagons around liberalism. Time to circle the wagons around socialism, statism, Trotskyites, Marxism, whatever. Circle the wagons and save that. That cannot be blamed if Obama is going to lose.”

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