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Limbaugh Laughs at Incompetence of ‘Evil Mastermind’ Obama Over ‘Total Bomb’ Obamacare

Rush Limbaugh was beside himself with laughter today. Why? Because President Obama deliberately planned for Obamacare incompetence so it would be blamed on the right people, but apparently that strategy itself was riddled with incompetence and now they have egg on their faces.

Limbaugh embraced the theory today that the White House really wants single-payer health care, and so they decided to sabotage the Obamacare rollout from the beginning so they could point to it and say, “See?”

Why would the president derail his signature piece of legislation? Here’s how Limbaugh explained it.

“You’ve got to make sure that when it fails, the right people get blamed, and this is what Obama can’t even do. You have to competently, in an evil mastermind kind of way, design the failure so that it looks like it’s the fault of who? The insurance companies, the hospitals, the doctors, the pharmacies, and, of course, the Republicans. Everybody EXCEPT government.”

But Limbaugh cracked up in fits of laughter because “Obama is apparently too incompetent to even do that!” He said the deliberate “total bomb” of Obamacare has ended up making the government look really bad.

And instead of insurance companies and Republicans getting blamed, Limbaugh said “people are coming to the common sense conclusion that government can’t do this.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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