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Limbaugh: Liberals Would “Help A Thousand Rapists” To Free “One America-Hater”

On the day when Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was granted bail and liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore proudly declared his intention to contribute money to Assange’s release so that Wikileaks can be kept “alive and thriving,” it should come as no surprise Rush Limbaugh would be apopletic. Limbaugh’s headline-seeking shot at liberals was to say “of course they would help a thousand rapists if it would mean that one America-hater might go free.”

With President Obama calling the Wikileaks document dump “deplorable” and many other Democrats both within the Obama administration and outside of it acknowledging Assange’s tactics make him an enemy of America, Rush’s hyperbole aimed towards “liberals” is of course overblown here. However, Moore’s eagerness to jump to Assange’s defense should not be above criticism, especially not until the rape charges against Assange are cleared.

Limbaugh did however go on to analyze the absurdity of granting Assange bail with a slightly less controversial and easier to agree with statement, sarcastically wondering “how can [Assange] be a flight risk, I mean he’s only got a bunch of fake identities and passports, what’s the concern here – it’s amazing what hating America will get you in court.” Whether hating America played a role in the bail decision is questionable, but one thing is for sure, America-hating always makes for a great sound bite.

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