Limbaugh: Mubarak Waited To Leave To Spite Media, Protesters All Organized Leftists


Obviously, today has been an absolutely huge day for the nation of Egypt. It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to the enormous event or President Mubarak’s resignation. Up first is Rush Limbaugh who had some intriguing theories on why Mubarak chose to step down to day. He also joined in with Glenn Beck in believing that this revolution must have been organized by exterior forces.

Limbaugh’s explanation for why Mubarak resigned today and not during yesterday’s address is basically this: he just wanted to piss off President Obama and the media. He let them look foolish by falsely reporting for an entire morning that he was leaving and then pulled the rug out from under them. God, what a jerk that guy is.

Next, Limbaugh discussed the protesters in Cairo who brought about the end of Mubarak’s regime:

“I have had time to read all kinds of stuff about this group- I don’t want to call them a ‘mob’ – the protester bunch. And, folks, they are all leftists. They’re feminists. They’re avowed socialists, leftists, communists, environmentalists. I don’t believe this is coincidence that Tunisia then this thing springs up. I don’t believe that this is just spontaneity.”

Amidst all of this, Limbaugh also pointed out the one biggest piece of deception that’s been going by unnoticed in all Egypt coverage:

CNN Newsroom is the show, live in Tahrir Square, which is actually a circle…”

So true.

Check out the audio from the show below:

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