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Limbaugh: Cannot Be An ‘Authentic Black’ In The Democratic Party Without ‘Slave Blood’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh told his audience that members of the Democratic party were “overjoyed” today due to the discovery of ancestry on President Barack Obama’s mother’s side that indicates she has former slaves in the genealogical background. “You can’t — in the Democrat party – be an authentic black unless you can have ancestral traces to the Deep South and Slavery,” said Limbaugh.

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“They have discovered that Obama does have slave blood,” said Limbaugh. “They are so happy on the left today – it is – they are actually eating meat, they’re so happy.”

Limbaugh said that the only caveat was that the genealogical link to U.S. slavery was that it comes from President Obama’s mother’s side.

“They are overjoyed,” said Limbaugh as he read from the Associated Press story in which genealogists with linked Obama’s family background to one of the first U.S. slaves.

“There has been an exhaustive search,” Limbaugh continued. “Remember, Democrats couldn’t stop talking about this during the ’08 campaign. It was all about whether or not Obama was authentic.”

Listen to the segment below via the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show:


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