Limbaugh: Obama Telling GOP ‘I Don’t Respect You Little Dirtbags For As Far As I Could Throw You’

During his syndicated radio show Tuesday afternoon, conservative host Rush Limbaugh said that in rejecting the Republican leadership’s initial fiscal plan, President Obama is effectively telling the opposition party that they are “dirtbags” and he has no respect for them.

Citing Obama’s interview with Bloomberg TV this afternoon, in which he said his dismissal of the GOP plan is “not me being stubborn, it’s not me being partisan, it’s just a matter of math,” Limbaugh claimed that the president’s actions mean just the opposite.

“It is Obama being stubborn. And it is Obama being partisan. And it is Obama saying, ‘I won.’ And it is Obama saying ‘I don’t respect you little dirtbags for as far as I can throw you. I resent the hell out of you.'”

Limbaugh said that despite the media narrative, “there is no collegiality here,” and “we know how this is going to end up: higher taxes and more spending.”

Listen below:

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