‘I Can See Her With Whips And Chains’: Limbaugh Believes IRS Official Lois Lerner ‘Must Be Filled With Rage’

After IRS official Lois Lerner pleaded the Fifth Amendment during Wednesday afternoon’s House committee hearings on the agency’s intentional targeting of conservative groups, Rush Limbaugh took to bashing the woman as someone “filled with rage” who he can easily envision as a sadomasochist.

“I’ve seen this Lois Lerner on TV today, and I’ve read about her,” Limbaugh began. “She’s the one that was just obsessed with tea party groups that were religious in nature. She’s the one demanding to know what their prayers were.”

Referring to her questioning of people related to the Christian Coalition in the 1990s when Lerner headed up an office within the Federal Election Commission, Limbaugh said: “She was demanding ‘What did Pat Robertson pray for you for?’ She asked Ollie North. And Ollie North said I’m not going to answer this, it’s none of your business. She was mad.”

And so, the conservative radio host surmised of Lerner:

“I can see her with whips and chains. This is not a happy woman. This is a woman that is running around filled with rage. And they all are, folks. They’re angry all the time. They’re never satisfied. And no matter what they get, it’s never enough, they always want more. They exist in a permanent state of being enraged.”

Listen below, as clipped by MofoPolitics:

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