Limbaugh on Stakes of the Election: American Culture Is ‘Under Siege’

2-radio-stations-drop-rush-limbaughs-showRush Limbaugh today laid out the stakes of the 2016 election as bluntly as possible for the right: “The country’s under siege from all quarters, and recently the Democrat Party has joined those who have put the country under siege.”

He said plenty of people supporting Donald Trump firmly believe they are “preserving a distinct American culture which is under assault” from the left.

Limbaugh pointed fingers at the Democrats for wanting “a permanent underclass of people incapable of taking care of themselves, incapable of providing for themselves who will always be counted on to vote Democrat to be taken care of.”

And what bothered him more was “why a single Republican would ever sign on to this,” which is why the voters are trying to reject the establishment in both parties.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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