Limbaugh Rails Obama On Toast Flub: ‘I’m Tired Of People Making Excuses For These People’

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh asserted that President Obama would much rather speak to “monarchs” than regular audiences in America. However, one of Obama’s most recent regal meetings didn’t really go as planned as he awkwardly flubbed his toast to the Queen of England. This was perfect Limbaugh fodder as the radio host began going through every excruciating second of the clip with the fine toothed comb of a conspiracy theorist watching the Zapruder film.

However, as much as Limbaugh enjoyed mocking Obama (“He seems to be unaware that it is standard practice to shut up and pipe down when the national anthem is being played!”), he spent just as much time critiquing the media’s seeming rush to apologize for the President and blame other people. He played a montage of clips of different news personalities blaming the band or the Queen herself for the moment.

“See? ‘Queen botched it.’ ‘Queen should have understood what was going on. ‘Obama was poorly briefed.’ I’m tired of people making excuses for these people. It’s everybody else’s fault but the Obamas, the worldly, sophisticated Obamas.”

Of course, no Obama mistake would be complete without Limbaugh also reminding listeners to imagine how the media would react if President Bush had been the one holding a drink up for no one.

Watch the clip of Limbaugh’s comments below:

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