Limbaugh Responds To Eric Fuller’s Alleged Death Threat To Tea Party Leader


Oh his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh responded to the arrest of Eric Fuller, the 63-year-old military vet who was shot in Tucson last week. Fuller has been arrested for allegedly threatening Tucson Tea Party co-chair Trent Humphries by saying “You’re dead” during a town hall televised on ABC. Responding to both the death threats and some of Fuller’s other anti-Conservative comments, Limbaugh pointed out that “Obama’s speech was Wednesday” and asked “where’s the civility?”

Limbaugh read from an ABC News report on the incident from Tucson affiliate KGUN9. After taking some shots at This Week-anchor and town hall host Christiane Amanpour (she’s “single-handedly destroying the show”) before moving on to “lib Democrat” Fuller, playing audio from the Democracy Now! appearance where he described the shooting as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Sharron Angle getting their “first target” (full audio can be found at the bottom of this post). Limbaugh then called Fuller a “looney toon leftist” before alleging that Jared Loughner was too because he “hated Bush.” Perhaps a fairness doctrine sensor went off in Limbaugh’s head and he felt the need to instantly counter Fuller’s claims.

Limbaugh’s discussion of the event came after his analysis of an article in The New York Times about how life hasn’t changed as much as might be suspected following the Arizona shooting. Limbaugh was going through the article by Matt Bai and translating it word by word to show how it actually was a Liberal complaint about why the shooting didn’t kill the “right wing media.”

We had all hoped that, as horrible as the shooting had been, perhaps a new age of civility had begun. It’s hard to see that civility when people are making death threats at town hall meetings. It’s even harder when you’ve got the amazing translating skills of Rush Limbaugh.

Check out the quotes from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

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