Limbaugh Suspects Obama’s ‘Recruited or Corrupted or Hijacked’ Pope Francis

Rush Limbaugh has a suspicion that President Obama may have “recruited or corrupted” Pope Francis in the same way as how he also did it to Republican leadership in Congress.

Limbaugh had quite a lot to say today about the pope’s visit, his preaching on immigration, and the Democratic political response. He called Obama “one of the most radical leftists that’s ever run for office” and says he loves to exploit the “squishiness of the GOP.”

And he said that “in the last seven years, Obama has successfully recruited or corrupted or hijacked” not just Republican leadership and Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts, but the pontiff himself.

He pointed to how GOP leaders are “afraid” of Obama, how Roberts is “going out of his way” to support Obama, and how it appears that the Pope might be “supporting Obama” on some issues.

Listen to the audio above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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