Limbaugh: Why Are Liberals Outraged About Ferguson But Not IRS?

Rush Limbaugh made it clear today he thinks what’s happening in Ferguson is unacceptable, but wondered why the liberal media that’s up in arms over this was dead silent about government overreach when it comes to other big issues, like, say, the IRS. Limbaugh also observed, “How many murders are there every week in Chicago? And there doesn’t seem to be any outrage about it. Even locally.”

He said the Ferguson case is “made to order in terms of the daily soap opera” of racism that the media loves. And Limbaugh said that while liberals now are outraged at “the excessive use of power by the state” and are “genuinely mad about it,” this is only an anomaly.

He asked why these journalists weren’t outraged by the IRS and other such issues.

“Remember how the media said that that was Nixonian and unacceptable? I don’t, either. The media did not say that. All these incessant attacks from our government on conservatives, all of the scandals that have erupted? A yawn. A ho-hummer. But this in Ferguson… Why is it the only example of the exorbitant display of state power that gets noticed and causes fear and causes concern?”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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