Limbaugh: Why Would Russia Prefer Trump When They Could Blackmail Hillary with Emails?

2-radio-stations-drop-rush-limbaughs-show-1Rush Limbaugh today reacted to the theories about Russia hacking the DNC emails in an effort to help Donald Trump, but he concocted an alternate theory instead.

As Limbaugh argued, if Russia breached the DNC emails for that purpose, then it must also follow that they breached Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

And, he continued, that logically means that Russia doesn’t want to “destroy her at all”:

“Why not see to it she’s elected and then blackmail her every day and get what you want out of her?… They could have a puppet as President of the United States.”

Limbaugh said that despite whatever Trump has said about Russia, Russia would certainly prefer to “own the American president” than deal with a wild card.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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