Limbaugh Wonders If Edited 911 Call Will Prompt ‘Campaign To Boycott The Advertisers Of NBC News’


On his radio program on Monday, Rush Limbaugh called NBC’s internal investigation into the airing of the misleadingly edited George Zimmerman 911 call a “sham.” He also wondered if there would be a public campaign to boycott NBC News’ advertisers, similar to a recent effort against the advertisers of his own radio program, in the wake of this scandal.

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“What NBC is doing – is they’re focus grouping a bunch of explainations here to see which one hurts them the least,” said Limbaugh. “You’re telling me that NBC News does not know by now all the details about their effort to influence a criminal investigation and spread some hate at the same time? That’s exactly what they did here.”

“NBC News purposely lied,” said Limbaugh. “[They] purposely structured the 911 call to make you think something that wasn’t true.”

Limbaugh went on to take ABC News to task for their airing of a Sanford Police Department video that purported to show Zimmerman on the night Trayvon Martin died showing no signs of the wounds described in the initial police report.

“ABC News is now admitting that the police tape they were the first to air does indeed show some abrasion or gash on the back of Zimmerman’s head,” Limbaugh said. “We have learned that Zimmerman as cleaned up before he appeared in that tape. Not to mention that the bloody nose and his head are specifically mentioned in the original on-site police report.”

“I wonder if anyone will mount a campaign to boycott the advertisers of NBC News,” Limbaugh asked in reference to the orchestrated boycott of his own program’s advertisers in the wake of controversial comments he made about Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke. “Think anyone will mount such a campaign for spreading hate, and doctoring a tape and putting forth an absolutely untrue – not just a false – but an untrue version of events?”

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