Lin-Manuel Miranda Mocks Trump in Remix of ‘My Shot’ From Hamilton

capture_360Lin-Manuel Miranda, the highly-decorated award winning creator behind Hamilton, used his Saturday Night Live monologue to tell some jokes and then bust into what he does best.

He remixed a well-known song from Hamilton called “My Shot,” to fit the theme of hosting the gig for the first time. And of course, there’s always room for taking shots at Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I like it when it’s better with McKinnon v. A. Baldwin,” he raps at one point, referring to the two actors who have been duking it out on SNL as the major party candidates.

As most musical monologue on the show do, Miranda’s performance included two key factors, the first of which was a jaunt backstage. He goes so far as to stop with comedic effect at a photo in the hallway of prior host Donald Trump, mocking a famous line from his hit musical: “Never gon’ be President now.”

The second oft-used device for SNL musical openings is an appearance by Lorne Michaels. And sure enough, Michaels hits Miranda with the $64,000 dollar question: “Any word on those Hamilton tickets? I can do a matinee.”

Watch above via NBC.

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