Lindsay Lohan Will Spend The Rest Of The Summer In Jail

Big news! Actress Lindsay Lohan has just been sentenced to 90 days in jail– and no, not for Herbie: Fully Loaded. Lohan’s repeated infractions on her probation, including skipping her alcohol education classes, finally forced Judge Marsha Revel to sentence her with prison time, which is slated to begin on July 20.

Our sister site Gossip Cop has the full story:

“Judge Marsha Revel sent the stunned starlet to jail for 90 days as punishment for not completing her alcohol education classes by the assigned end date.

Lohan’s failure to do so, Revel decided, constitutes a violation of her probation conditions. She then laid out the consequences.

The sentence breaks down as follows: 30 days for reckless driving, followed by 30 days for her first DUI, and then 30 days for a second DUI. Following her 90 days of incarceration, Lohan has been ordered to a 90-day inpatient rehabilitation facility.”

Lohan reportedly broke down into tears and told the court, after the verdict, that she is “not taking this as a joke.” Seems kind of late for that, but nice to see Lohan assuming responsibility!

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