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Lindsey Graham Caves, Quietly Tells Fellow Republicans to Get Behind Trump

Lindsey GrahamAfter months of trashing Donald Trump‘s climb to the top of his party, Lindsey Graham is now telling his Republican cohorts to get in line and support the mogul.

CNN reports that at private fundraiser in Florida this past Saturday, Graham went from being one of the mogul’s fiercest conservative critics to a man willing to do whatever it takes to stop Hillary Clinton. Spokesman Kevin Bishop wouldn’t confirm anything beyond Graham’s disapproval for a third party run, but fundraiser Teresa Dailey, who was in attendance, confirmed “he did say that we need to get behind [Trump].”

Though it might have been subdued push for support, Graham’s move is a significant turnaround from when he bashed Trump’s incendiary proposals and ideological record time, time, and time again.

The move might be not as surprising as some might expect, however. Not only has Graham been adamant about not letting Clinton become president, but he also recently announced he was more heartened with Trump after a “cordial” phone chat between them.

“My criticism has been wide and it’s been deep, but we did have a good conversation,” Graham told CNN on Friday. “He asked good questions.”

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