Lindsey Graham: I’m with Libertarians, but I Want to Fix Problems, Not Just ‘Yell’

Senator Lindsey Graham isn’t the biggest fan of his more libertarian colleagues, but he insists that their differences are only “tactical” and believes they have lots of common ground to work from.

In an interview with The Gazette this week, Graham talks about his potential 2016 candidacy and talks up his ability to solve hard problems. He says his philosophy is “All right, if I get 80 percent of what I want, that’s a good day.”

Some of Graham’s views, especially his foreign policy hawkishness, don’t exactly make him the favorite of more libertarian Republicans, but he has this to say in response:

“Libertarians want smaller government. Count me in. Libertarians want oversight of government programs and making sure that your freedoms are not easily compromised. Count me in. Ted Cruz wants to fight Obamacare. Count me in… What we wind up doing is having tactical differences.”

The difference, as Graham put it, is that “I want to fix it rather than yell about it.”

One of Graham’s House colleagues, Republican Justin Amash, responded to some of what he said:

[h/t Reason]
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