Lindsey Vonn’s Shin Gives in, Crash Gives Germany’s Maria Riesch Gold Medal

Those who doubted Lindsey Vonn‘s injuries when she soared to a gold medal finish in last night’s women’s downhill skiing event can now believe. Vonn, who had been suffering from an injury on her right shin sustained during a practice run, held the pain back just enough to win her medal last night, but just crashed while seeking her second medal in the women’s super combined competition. NPR reported that she was visibly limping and complaining that the injury was “not good” this morning. She managed to maintain her lead during the downhill portion of the competition, but wiped out, giving up the lead– and the gold medal– to her friend Maria Riesch of Germany.

The United States is still leading the pack in total number of medals with 14, though Germany is close behind with a total of 10.

Note: While this competition has yet to air in the US (thanks NBC tape delay!), the results were first reported by NBC on the subsidiary Twitter feed Breaking News, and is now being reported on

[Image via NY Daily News]

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