Lisa Bloom Slams ‘Lack of Authenticity’ in Ivanka Trump’s #WomenWhoWork Book


High-powered attorney and women’s rights crusader Lisa Bloom is the latest person to criticize Ivanka Trump‘s new #WomenWhoWork book and branding.

Bloom, fresh off major successes in having Bill O’Reilly removed from Fox News after being accused — sometimes by her clients — of sexual harassment, appeared on MSNBC with Joy Reid today and chatted about the controversial book. As if the inherent conflicts of interest that come from having a White House staffer who just so happens to be the president’s daughter weren’t enough, the book has been getting terrible reviews by the truckload.

Most of the reviews center on how the work is full of wishy-washy, inconsequential quotes about having it all and career advice from a woman who was born into the family business and has two nannies to help her manage her kids. Bloom’s issues with the book take the criticism a step farther.

“Let’s keep in mind that the whole ‘women who work’ concept was something that was focus-grouped years ago because women didn’t relate to her for her brand,” she said. “They saw her as a wealthy woman who’s not in touch with them. So, they did a lot of focus groups and came up with the #WomenWhoWork hashtag and then her brand started to do better. Now she’s developed it into a book. There’s a real lack of authenticity here. That’s why women don’t connect with Ivanka.”

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